Career Fairs: An Opportunity to Show Case Your Brand

Many students mistakenly attend career fairs with the intention of finding a job.  Perhaps that was the original intent of these functions however they are quickly evolving into to opportunities to for making connections and showcasing your brand.  Many companies will tell you that career fairs are not always appropriate for gaining in depth information about a candidate, but they are ideal opportunities for each organization to enhance brand recognition and interface with students in a way that is clearly unavailable via the internet.

I encourage students to use career fairs in the same way.   This is an opportunity for you to learn about  the needs and desires of  the  firms in attendance.  It is also a great tool for connecting with individuals who may be impressed by your qualifications upon first glance.  Dont over look career fairs, instead use them as an opportunity to learn from individuals who are where you wish to be: employed with  your firm of choice.


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