Everything is not for everyone. Choose what’s right for you.

I work with a group of phenomenal students  each day. I am consistently amazed by their academic records, level of campus involvement and the many avenues that they choose to  express or show case their talent.   Each of them that I have encountered support the overall brand of our program while  adding value in  a manner that is specific to their unique gifts and experiences.   I find that more often than not many of my students consistently endeavor to fit a mold a persona.  They have some how accepted that  there is only “ONE” interpretation of an ideal career path or opportunity.  Many even mistakenly believe that the trajectory of their career path is determined solely by the organization they join after graduation and thus  with that spirit they pursue opportunities that are inappropriate.

There is no one size fits all cookie cutter  opportunity or career path.  It is important that you assess what a company has to offer in terms of  what you value and what you find important.  Elements to consider are: work-life balance, opportunities for advancement,  company support of training or education, management style, location, salary and  benefits.   The company that is ideal for you may not be in Investment Banking or  Big 4 Accounting simply because they do not share your values.  Individuals often succeed in organizations  who’s core values most closely matches their own personal values.  Abandon stereotypes and popular perception about  what you  SHOULD be doing and where you SHOULD  be working  as simply one interpretation of  an infinite number of view points and career paths.  Everything is not  for everyone.    Be bold, be confident, be clear about what you want and based on what you find important choose  the company that is right  for you.


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