Jobs Are Still Available, You May Just Have to Work Harder and Smarter

Many people mistakenly approach the job search in a very passive manner and this may contribute to the overall perception that jobs are no longer available. Despite the talk of the sluggish economy and fewer companies offering positions, many companies are still hiring. I’ve found that smaller companies may have 1 or 2 opportunities as opposed to double and triple digit openings offered by larger corporations in a more robust economy.

The average job search will last somewhere between 3 and 6 months if it is conducted with diligence and a sense of urgency. Looking passively via the internet or calling a few people in your contact network periodically will only prolong your search. I suggest engaging in an organized methodical and diligent campaign where you research organizations and utilize multiple approaches simultaneously.

Your weekly job search schedule where you devote a minimum of 3-5 hours daily to the process should look something like this:

Monday- Target organizations of interest directly apply to a minimum of 10 positions.

Tuesday- Research companies via resources such as and Revamp and refresh resume to ensure it is perceived as a “new” document by above systems.

Wednesday- Target professional organizations and online networking tools such as for additional leads.

Thursday – Volunteer to take my mind away from the job search process and create new networks

Friday- Review, assess, plan and repeat process.

The above is only a sample of how the job search should be conducted, however anything less may prove to yield few substantial results.


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