Dress for the Position That You Desire

A significant component of personal branding is your appearance.  As a college students it is at time difficult or challenging to balance the latest trends with what is considered appropriate for the professional space. Yet is is vital that you think of life (even though you may be just a freshman) after college.

If  finances are an issue this may require that you have to make a choice between a trendy pair of jeans or classic pair of slacks.   In terms of your  image, you may have choose to forgo that new facial piercing or neck tattoo.  Assess how your overall appearance will be percieved by your target audience.  There are many looks that may be considered  “cool” for the moment, but it is crucial that you consider the overall impact your appearance will have  on your long term goals.  If you are having trouble in determining what is appropriate try asking yourself:  “What does [insert particular choice ] say about my intended career goals?”  If you find that the answer is ambiguous or suggests anything other than you’re intended career path,  reassess your choice and lean towards a look that will be more readily accepted by your target audience.


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