Think About the Person Reading Your Resume

While a resume is a document that features all the wonderful things that you can do as you are preparing and refining your document, I encourage you to be considerate of the reader. Think about the person who has 6-10 seconds to review your document. They’ve been looking at a lot of resumes so you have to make your document of interest. How does one accomplish this task? The first step is to make the information accessible. They should not be wondering when you are graduating or what you are majoring or where you went to school. Also make the information easy and fun to read. Tell a story. Create a picture in the mind of the reader. The person should look at your document and at the very least not be turned off by it. They should want to read the resume. So if it appears crowded or incoherent most readers will pass on by. One great question to ask your self is, “If I were a recruiter would I want to read my resume?” Think about the document, is it interesting? Have you given the reader what they are seeking? Have you provided them insight into how you can “add value” to their company? What is it about this document that warrants an invitation for an interview? If you can answer those questions clearly and concisely you are probably on the right track.


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