The College Recruiting Process

 Imagine companies throughout the country have determined that they need a new generation of leaders to one day helm their organizations. Many know that sometimes Senior Associates while experienced are at times jaded and made rigid from past experiences. Some refuse to learn and conform to company culture and sometimes they want more money than the company is willing to spend for their particular expertise. What is a Hiring Manager to do? How can he or she fulfill their firm’s needs while keeping costs low? The answer is: drum roll please…. recruit college students. For this and many other reasons employers throughout the country descend on college campuses each year seeking out qualified grads.

Of course each company can’t visit each campus, so they select Target or Core schools based on the needs of the organizations and the curriculum of various programs. This effort is often led by the alumni. Many companies will ONLY select their target or core school based on the where their current (usually high-ranking) employees graduated. Think about it: It’s not a bad idea. If you get one or several great candidates from one area why not return for more of the same. These companies vie for the attention of the top of the class. As a college student you are privileged within the context of the job search process there is a whole mechanism and machine devoted to ensuring you are employed by some of the best companies in the world. At no other time or point in your life will companies proactively seek and attempt to employ you so fervently as if you are top student enrolled in or graduating from a program of choice.


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