Your Job/Internship Search is Your Extra Class

 If you have four class your employment search is your fifth class. It is crucial that you view this process as the additional course for which there is no registration, however it is a class that you can fail.  If you don’t invest sufficient time in this process it highly likely that you will yield an undesirable result.  Seeking out employment during and post -college is unlike the experience of looking for employment during high school.  Employers have expectations.  They want you to be knowledgeable about yourself, their company and more importantly why they should hire you to work for their company.  They expect you to be professional.

 If you wait, or perform your job search in a last minute and haphazard manner an experienced recruiter and skilled hiring manager will be able to identify your lack of preparation faster than you can answer “Tell me about yourself”.   In fact, you may never get to the interview if you don’t plan and execute your job search campaign effectively.  It is important to be conscious of the effort that you exert.  I urge you to set time aside to explore career options, research industries, develop your employment search skills and network.   This is key in ensuring that you have the most favorable experience at the conclusion of your studies.


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