Get Involved

I’ve spoken with quite a few college students over the past four plus years and I am dismayed at the number of bright and talented students who fail to enhance and market their personal brand by participating in various campus activities. As a college student, learning is not limited solely to academics you must also incorporate extracurricular activities including, community or volunteer work and your school’s respective student organizations.

Employers are not only seeking candidates with stellar GPA’s they are seeking good  citizens and for many that means well-rounded individuals, with a variety of interests that care about their community. Work experience is not the only type of experience that demonstrates your ability to “add value”. You can use various student organizations and activities to enhance your leadership, communication, analytical, interpersonal and organizational skills. In fact if you have selected a major that does not have a direct career path, extracurricular activities are an excellent way to develop the skills sets employers deem desirable.

I urge you get involved in something outside of academics when you are in college, it immediately adds dimension to you as a person and is a great way for you to build your personal brand.


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