The Era of Temporariness

We now exist in an era of temporariness.  The world and economy is in a constant state of flux and movement.  The modern employee can no longer  depend on one company for the duration of their working years.  Most people will have up to 12 careers during their lifetime. The job market has transformed over the past few decades.   At one time a high school diploma was the coveted document to signal that an individual has a received an education. Now a college degree has become essential.  At one time jobs were being offered on the spot with employers barely taking a glimpse at the applicant. Now resumes and cover letters are requested for the very basic entry level opportunities.  The needs of employers have changed and along with that the requirements need to obtain employment have also transformed.    This will not change the economy will continue to shift and move with various sectors exhibiting peaks and valleys. 


In the early 90’s we experience the era of the “Dot Com” later imploded and became “Dot Bomb”.  Engineers and techies were in high demand.  College grads from these fields saw sign on bonuses of $10K and salaries that were previously unprecedented for individuals with limited experience.  IPO’s based on ideas and concepts rather than a sound business plan were launched creating instant millionaires. Hiring managers and recruiters found that they were competing fiercely for highly-  qualified individuals with specialized skills.  Then Enron and suddenly people were wondering what happened! With Sarbense Oxley an attempt   at oversight,  Accounting saw a big push which has  yet to subside.  The next phase that we saw  in demand was Wall Street and the push for Finance majors was clear.   Now with the collapse of major Finance and Banking institutions and the turmoil of the global stock market, that era has now ended.    With record numbers of layoffs blaring from the evening news and unemployment rate at its highest in recent years, one may wonder if there are any employment opportunities. 


The reality is that despite reports from the evening news and statistics from the state unemployment office, there will always be work.  As long  people live there will be a need to trade goods and  products at cost.  Within this arrangement an economy exits therefore job opportunities will exist.  Work will always be available because people will continue to leave vacancies.  People pass on, retire, they get laid off  and others move on to pursue new opportunities.    As new information develops new positions will emerge.  The key is to identify those openings that will be in demand and place yourself in a position to satisfy that need.


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